Corporate Finance :-  
  We offer full range of products and services to Institutional & Corporate Clients in raising the requisite funds and conduct an independent study of organizations business transactions and financial positions by taking a special reference to the system and procedures followed in the concerned area.  
  We relentlessly endeavor and function to fulfill the major needs of the industries, corporates, banks &financial institutions.Our Remarkable professional expertise and strategic alliances lead us to provide all kinds of solutions under one roof and deliver the best results to our clients.  
  We are proud to state that our services are not restricted to any specific type of industry. Such a splash of variety has hardly been credited to any other consultancy company.We also advise corrective measures like restructuring and planning, strategies formulations, mergers and acquisitions, sale of one or more units either by de-merger or sale, especially non-core assets and locate an appropriate buyer for the same.  
  Wespecialize in arranging funds at the right time and at suitable terms for clients to achieve their desired growth prospects.  
  For clients interested in acquiring a particular project, we analyze the proposed project and verify it's technical, financial and market on behalf of the client. We prepares mathematical models to study the future viability of the projects under varying scenarios, including making detailed study of all the revenues, costs and possible means of financing the same.  
  We are specialized in providing following finance facilitations as per the requirements of different clients:-  
  Retail Financing  
  Every family needs finance for their personal needs as well as business requirement. Loan for housing, mortgage loan other requirement are right analysis and to get arrange finance from various financial institutions.  
  Project Financing & Advisory  
  Project Source, Identification, Preliminary & detailed feasibility in view of techno-economy, capability &capacity of Promoters, Investment Decisions,Policy &Procedural decision making, Preparation of Detailed Project Report. Appraisal &Execution of the Project, Rehabilitation and Restructuring of the Project at Different stages.   
  Guide in selection of location, technology, capital structure, and marketing &environmental matters, commenting on all infrastructure & utilities facilities. Estimating total cost, installed & operative capacity, availability of raw materials, stores, consumables, efficiency & quantum of man power requirements, variable & fixed expenditure to find out profitability.   
  Projection for operational statement & statement of affair, analyzing level of various current assets & liabilities, ratio analysis, breakeven point, pay back, NPV, IRR & Swot analyzing.  
  Banking and Treasury Finance  
  Analyze cycles & levels of working capital components. Review of operational budgets, Cash flow and Capital budget. Optimum Utilization of Fund Base and Non-Fund Base limits. Review operational decisions for better profitability.  
  Compliance and meetings with the bankers regarding routine and procedural matters, submitting periodical reports like stock statements, financial reports (MSOD, QIS, FFR),credit monitoring data, review, interchanging and enhancing existing bank limits.  
  Resources Application & Mobilization  
  All kinds of Funding from Banks and Institutions v.i.z :- Equipment Financing, Term Loans, Working Capital Loans, W.C. Term Loans, Bridge Loan, Forex Loan, Loan for Trade, Industry, Service Organizations and Personal use as home, car and consumables. We are also arranging Export Finance, Bill Discounting, Non-Fund Base Facilities, & Venture Finance.  
  Preparation of Detailed Proposal and Dealing with the Bank and Financial Institutions for submitting the Proposal, Sanction, Disbursement, Legal Formalities and Execution of Documents. Negotiating with the bank and institution regarding terms and conditions, interest rates various charges, primary and collateral securities, guarantee and margins etc.  
  Other Financial Services  
  • Infrastructure Project Financing
  • Foreign Currency Loan
  • Lease - Rental Securitization
  • Consortium Loan Arrangement
  • Loan Restructuring & Recapitalization
  • Private / Foreign Equity Funding
  • Overseas Finance
  • Offshore Borrowings
  • IPO Handling
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Business & Brand Valuation
  • Loan Against Property
  • Assisting in External Ratings.
  • Assisting in TEV studies.
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